be silent, pretend

for those who need to be silent in order to live, be silent, pretend. it will be the longest moment of your life, like when you’re sick and the pain and the fever won’t go away. you feel like grass grows faster. grass does grow under your bed, you just don’t know it. every morning your grandmother goes and cuts it with small scissors, those that are used to cut nails. be silent, don’t say the things they do not want to hear, there’s always some conspiracy thing going on. just say that you are happy even though what is happening around you is bound to make you unhappy. silence will give you peace, silence will make you love, silence will help you bear your solitude with pride. go find a burrow and shout your secret into it then cover it with mud. it will work for a few nights. you’ll have the chance to sleep alone because your secret will be too busy getting out of the burrow. what would you wish for your birthday, the burrow will ask. and I’ll whisper: I wish to know somebody that could see, and not be blind like me. and the burrow will laugh. I tricked you into it, the burrow will say. once you say your wish to me it will never happen. that’s the thing with burrows, you see, you wouldn’t want a secret to get out of the burrow. just like that wishes will never get out of the burrow. wars and words you cannot take back. so be silent, pretend.


One thought on “be silent, pretend

  1. Eleonore Verhoeven

    How are you, I was just wandering around online and I saw your homepage from bing. I read a couple of your blog posts and thought they are well written. Thanks, I will come back to your homepage again soon.

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