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Hi, it’s really nice to have you here. My name is Robert, it’s such a pleasure to meet you. I hope the pleasure is mutual, whoever you are.

Let me tell you a few things about myself. Here goes.

I sometimes feel “like the soil on some desperate sharecropper’s farm, sorely overworked and needing a fallow season” (as Elizabeth Gilbert would put it), and when I feel like that I read, a lot, and write, sometimes. Running the risk of being declared utterly deranged or alienated I must confess that I read mostly because of my almost pathological belief that books are better than people, and that the relationships that are set between authors and their readers are essentially relationships based on friendship and offerings. So, whatever you read on this blog, be it a poem or a short story, or just a thought, consider the fact that this is my kind of offering to you, my dear reader, in the hope that we might become friends at one point, in a distant future. I also hope that our kind of friendship may help you discover the kind of friendship you are looking for in your real life.

Here’s to you, my dear reader.


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