The Merry Christmas

I haven’t thought a lot about this though I must admit that there have been a few days since I said to myself that I should write at least something for the coming holidays. Christmas has never been magical for me although when I was little I dreamed of great things happening on Christmas. I believe Christmas is all about family and nostalgia. I know, this might sound pathetic, but Christmas is a holiday of change which produces great doses of longing for something which has already passed, be it childhood, a dead dog, or a dead cat, an absent family member etc. It is the day when all these things come back despite the fact that you have to live the rest of your life with those things, Christmas is when they are most painful. It is no wonder that suicide rates go up on this time of the year. The economic crisis is another thing that comes back on this time of the year. But what else is Christmas beside politics and consumerism, and uneven development?

Yes, right, hope. The pagans used to bring fir trees into their houses because they thought that this is the way to keep life from being killed by the coldness of snow. Always green, fir trees became to symbolize life itself. The custom was later appropriated by the Christians, and thus the fir-tree became the Christmas tree. Take that, you pagan pagans!

So, during this time of the year, the hope rates also go up. Can you feel the joy?! I don’t, but anyways, I’ll have to live with that.

And another thing. Do you remember those things that you promised yourself you would do at the end of 2009? I said I was going to lose weight, get some abs, be happy etc. Well, take a look back and think of the things that you have fulfilled during 2010. Personally, I did absolutely nothing, and here I am at the end of 2010.

The solution?! Yes, stop making plans, see how it goes. I’ll meet you at the end of 2011.

Happy Holidays!


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