The unavoidable, inevitable, ineluctable

I usually write to forget things and when I actually do that I tend to take down the things which are impossible to forget, things or sensations which are unavoidable because they continue to coexist with you. You could not forget a toothache because it is always there, on your nerves, you could not forget – at least for a while – a person that you have lost, and I do not refer to death or other unfortunate events, you cannot forget a pimple because every time you look in the mirror you shall certainly see the red dot. But you could always forget your keys, your cell phone, your glasses, a book, an umbrella. However, this latter loss is not as painful as the former. And what do mothers do when their 6 months old child is continuously throwing toys all over the place and can’t recover them? They tie the toys to the bed so that recovery is easily possible. The same strategy is applied to adults but only with a slight difference: the strings are invisible. For instance, I have one of my strings attached to my door keys because I know I can’t get out of the house without them. Another string is attached to my phone because I know I cannot survive without it out there, in the open. Another string is attached to my family, another one is attached to you. I leave bookmarks everywhere. Each time I discuss with you I leave a bookmark into your thoughts and you leave one into my thoughts and each time we meet we can easily resume our thoughts. Knowing that the orange juice is in the fridge is a bookmark or a string. At this particular moment I have a bookmark in the fridge because I have some yogurt hidden there. When I wake up in the morning one of my strings automatically attaches to the coffee machine and to the energy drink I keep in the refrigerator. But then I have to pull one of those two strings, it is always a matter of choice. You can also use strings or bookmarks for the past but this process is particularly risky because you don’t actually know when one of the strings stretches too much. Then the string snaps and the 6 months old child starts to cry. Eventually strings and bookmarks get lost and you have to use other strings and bookmarks to get to them. Then you have a sort of web. Then it gets too dark.

They say: brush your teeth! I am aware that brushing my teeth is vital but then I am also aware of the fact that eventually I am going to lose my teeth because things are not made to last forever. To lose your teeth is unavoidable, inevitable and ineluctable. They say: things which are made by man’s hands are not going to last forever! True, but not even the man is made to last forever. Then they say: you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of active rest. This is the perfect recipe. Then you live happily ever after. But what happens if you can’t sleep or you don’t have 8 hours. You don’t sleep at all. Nevertheless, sleep is unavoidable, inevitable, and ineluctable. Passion is unavoidable, inevitable, and ineluctable. How can you live forever when death is unavoidable, inevitable, and ineluctable? Can you enjoy the moment when the end of it is unavoidable, inevitable, and ineluctable? Be a rebel, be a mutineer they say, be the malcontent. But when you go home you have to wash your feet because they stink and you have to go to sleep. Can you be a rebel in your sleep? You could sleep upside down, you could sleep with your socks on, you could move your feet while sleeping.

Snap, goes the string. This 6 months old baby will grow into a rebel because it won’t stop crying.


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I'm a guy who likes to read and live his life as if the characters from the books he reads are always watching.

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