Pedestrian’s Opium Pipe Dream City

Cities are themselves fantastic creatures. A hypnotic city has always been an important personage of my scenarios. A city like a maze, out of which you cannot escape because it has an inescapable beauty. A city is full of urban lust, it is an accumulation of sounds, smells. A collage of blurry images. No focal points, only the spicy smell of the city like a prostitute behind closed doors and heavily perfumed red rooms. An attractive city is a city you like to check out but not live in. The sole sensation given by the thought of having to experience it every single day is simply fatiguing. An attractive city is a pay-per-view show aired only once. It is effervescent, it shows its glitter only on a short period of time. A city which has become ‘home’ is no longer a city. At home you are no longer the pedestrian capable of alienation but you are rather the pedestrian incapable of alienation. A painful condition in which a city fades by becoming a womb. A majestic city gives the weird sensation that there are no people behind closed windows, that there are no souls behind closed doors. Only pedestrians swarming like bees, filling its streets.

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